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Voices of the employees

No security No transport

池田 悟

Chief administrator of vehicles Satoru Ikeda

I belonged to one of the biggest taransport companies in Japan.

Because that company restructured, I joined Sugawara-sangyo Express approximately 2 years ago.

Also, I was nominated as chief administrator of vehicles. Thus I make the schedule ,supervise logistics and check the stability of the cargo.

Particularly, last year we drastically changed our safety policy. I used my experience from my previous company to improve the security systems, including a health check and an alchool check.

As a result, I think we could achieve a really high level of security systems better than some other leading companies.

However, we sacrifice part of our economic benefit in order to do this. But the cost for the security is non negotiable. Because our principal policy is safety-first.

Pinch Hitter

佐々木 時雄

Technical instructor Tokio Sasaki

I used to be an ironwork in the sugawara-sangyo factory.

Normally, I work as an instructor for drivers who are in training.

I often drive all types of vehicles if a driver gets sick or has problems.

I also work as a welder and repair some vehicles.

Spending a good time with co-workers

齋藤 和俊

Chief of transportation Kazutoshi Saito

I usualy drive a folklift, shovel loader, and dump trucks.

Privately, I spend a very good time with my co-workers.

But I don't have a girlfriend. I want to find the one and get married in the near future.

For the sustainable society

三浦 和也

Chief of RB(Recycled battery) Kazuya Miura

We break batteries up into leads and plastic. And then put the leads through a refining machine.

After that, new batteries are recycled.

I think recycling batteries is important work for bulding a sustainable society.

Lead batteries are and will be installed in EVs and FCVs. I will improve my skills day by day. And I hope I will be the best specialist in the battery recycle division.

I can do it !

佐々木 純也

RB specialist Junya Sasaki

I'm studying about recycle technicals.

Our company is seriously implementing with the safty-first policy.

Company exectives say "safety first, the profit later."

But my policy is both are first!! I can do it !