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"Safety measures"

Basic Policy
We make the best effort to implement the policy "safety-first" with all business partners.

▲Certification of seculity

Since July 2016, Sugawara-sangyo Hosokura express has been drastically changing. Firstly, Chief administrators have been replaced, due to their negligence and lack of responsibility for safety. Secondly, we clearly declared the policy "safety-first". And we have implemented that security policies such as Alcohol check, daily health check, and education for safety for all truck drivers. We decide that we should do everything we can to prevent serious accidents.

In Jan 2016, 13 college students died in a bus accident. The bus company didn'trespect the okay but "safety regulations is better. In Feb 2017, One Truck driver killed a young mother by the truck. He was using his smart phone while driving. We have to imagine the sadness of their parents or the son of the mother. consequently, we decided the basic policy of our company" We make the best effort to implement the policy of "safety-first" with all stakeholders."

management for security

Environment conservation

▲Certification of environment

Basic policy

We make our best effort to society for all people in the future.


Sugawara-sangyo Hosokura Express implements the following plans in order to contribute to environment conservation. We think about environmentally-friendly. our trucks emitting greenhouse gases.

  • 1. We strive to be environment-friendly. We strictly observe environmental laws and regulations.
  • 2. We execute eco-drive and install a system to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • 3. Every single member of our company understands the basic policy through training and education.
  • 4. We implement the tasks of 3R(Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)to build a sustainable society.
  • 5. At least every year we reguraly update our environmentl conservation policy.




Sugawara-sangyo was established in 1947 as an iron factory.

  • In 1949, it was registered as Sugawara-sangyo co.,ltd.
  • In 1995, the department of logistics were independent from Sugawara-sangyo and was named Sugawara-sangyo Hosokura Express co.,ltd.
  • And now we have 70years of experience in transporting of various materials, such as heavy metals, mechanical comfonents and toxic chemicals.
  • 1950 June Acquired license of limited transportation
  • 1951 July Constructed Hosokura truck terminal
  • 1952 Aug Registered as Sugawara-sangyo co.,ltd
  • 1953 May Received an automobile repair license
  • 1954 May Received general transportation license
  • 1971 Dec The transportation divsion and the repair division were split info individual companles.
  • 1995 June Became independent from sugawara-sangyo

measures for safety

Implementations Sugawara-sangyo Hosokura Express respects the regulations of driving times for security. This is ordered by the government. We implement an alcohol check and a daily health check 100% of the time at all government, mandated times.

All trucks are not only installed with the latest digital tachograph and GPS truck control systems, but also 3 cameras (foresight, back sight and inside) .


Officers can check drivers who don't use a smart phone or to make sure they don't sleep in real-time at the office.


Administrators can check the situation of the trucks at the office by using the GPS systems. For example, officers can check if the truck is running or being fueled with gas, or if the driveris taking a nap, or loading.

In 2016 there was a Tsunami alert, We were able to male an the emergency phone call to a truck driver that was parked near the sea while he was sleeping.